Unit 7 Will people have robots?

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第一课时 Section A(1a-2d)

Teaching Goals 【教学目标】

 Key words:


 Key phrases:

 make predictions,live to be 200 years old,in 100 years,free time,on computers,go to school,in great danger,live on the earth,play a part in

 Key sentences:

 1. Will people use money in 100 years?

 2. People will live to be 200 years old.

 3. There will be fewer trees and the environment will be in great danger.

Teaching Key Points 【教学重点】

 The vocabulary:

 paper,future,pollute,pollution,environment,part,in 100 years,in great danger,play a part in

 Target language:

 Will people use money in 100 years?No,they won't. Everything will be free. Will people live to be 200 years old?Yes,they will. What's your prediction about the future?I think there will be more pollution.

Teaching Difficult Points 【教学难点】


 2.“There be…”sentence structure in future tense.

 3. more,fewer,less的用法。

 4. How to make predictions.

Teaching Aids 【教学工具】

 An English textbook,a tape recorder,CAI or courseware.

Teaching Steps 【教学过程】

Step 1 Leading in

Greetings. Welcome to Unit 7.Please turn to Page 49.In this unit,we'll make predictions about future. Can you guess what will happen in 100 years?Collect students' answers and say something about their predictions. For example,I think people will live to be 200 years old. With the development of technology,people will get healthier food and better medical care.

Step 2 Pre-task

Page 49,1a.

1.Look at the picture:How will the world be different 100 years from now?We're going to talk about sth. in 100 years.

2.Read each prediction to the class. Explain the new vocabulary.

3.Read the instructions. Make sure Ss know what they should do.

4.Do it by themselves.

5.Talk about the answers with the class.


构成:will/be going to+动词原形

Page 49,1c.

1.Pay attention to the dialogue.

2.Read the dialogue fluently.

3.Pair-work. Work in pairs to make predictions according to the sample.

4.Ask several pairs to share their conversations to the class.

Step 3 While-task

Page 49,1b.

1.Practice reading the six predictions.

2.Read the instructions to Ss. Circle the things you hear on the recording.

3.Play the tape twice.

4.Play the tape a third time. At the same time,check the answers.

Page 50,2a & 2b.

1.Read the predictions.

2.Read the instructions and point out the sample answer.

3.Play the tape twice. Ss circle the word they hear in each sentence:more,less,fewer.

4.Check the answers.


Step 4 Post-task

Page 50,2c.

1.Point to the example in the box. Ask two Ss to read the sample conversation to the class.

2.Look at Activity 2a and 2b.Groupwork:Take turns to make conversations about the predictions in 2a and 2b.

3.Ask several pairs to say their conversations to the class.

Page 50,2d.

1.Have Ss scan the conversation in 2d.

2.Lead Ss to practice reading the conversation.

3.Make Ss role-play the conversation. In this part,student A will be Nick. Student B will be Jill. As they talk,move around to monitor their work. Offer language or pronunciation support as needed.

4.Choose a pair of students to present the conversation to the class.

Step 5 Homework

1.Make predictions about yourself in 10 years. Write down 5 sentences.

2.Go over the new words.

3.Do the exercises on Page 45 in students' book.